These are bills for things like gas, electricity and water. Sometimes these are included in the rent : check your tenancy agreement carefully. If you are not sure, ask the landlord/agent whether bills are  included. If the bills are not included in the rent then they will need to be paid separately, on top of the rent.

Usually in shared accommodation you you all agree between you to pay an equal share of the bills. However, this can get complicated. Some utility suppliers will only put a contract in one name. This means that one person has made a contract with the supplier and they are responsible for the bill. If the others don’t pay their share, the person named on the contract still has to pay the supplier. Even if you move out , you could still be pursued for the bill by the supplier.

It is very important to tell your utility suppliers when you move in and move out of a property, and to give them a meter reading when you do. This will help to make sure that you don’t have to pay for utilities used by a previous tenant or after you move out. Even if someone else’s name is on the contract, utility suppliers have rules which allow them to hold any adult living in the property responsible for the bill. So if the person with the utility contract moves out, this does not mean that nobody has to pay the bill.
TV Licences You need a TV licence if you watch or record TV programmes as they are being shown, or watch live broadcasts online (eg live sport). You don’t need a TV licence if you don’t watch or record programmes or only use catch-up services (eg BBC iPlayer, 4oD). If you all live together as one household (joint tenants) then you only need one TV licence to cover the whole property, even if you all have separate TVs in each room. However if you all have separate agreements with the landlord, then each person who has a TV will need a separate TV licence.
Your parents’ TV licence will only cover you away from their home if you watch TV programmes on a device with its own internal batteries. If you watch TV on a mobile phone, you will need a licence if you plug it into the mains to do that.